March 09, 2022

New Product: Absolute Pressure Switch

Pressure Controls, Inc. (PCI) announces a new Absolute Pressure Switch product line in a variety of customizable sizes, shapes and set points.


Designed to compensate for changes in barometric pressure and environment, PCI’s Absolute Pressure Switches utilize a hermetically sealed housing with an aneroid capsule for pressure sensing. Unlike gauge pressure switches which require venting to atmospheric pressure usually in the form of a conduit or vent hole, the Absolute Pressure Switch isolates from its surroundings, creating its own interior environment. This eliminates the risk of false readings due to external or uncontrolled environmental conditions.


“Our Absolute Pressure Switches offer superior performance when accuracy is needed the most,” states PCI’s Program Manager. “The principal design and calibration methods ensure that no matter what the environment the switch is placed in, it will always perform repeatably and reliably.”


Switches can be configured in a variety of sensitivities (as low as 0.05 PSI) and pressure range set points (0 PSIA to 750 PSIA).


PCI offers short lead times and full customization for any application. High-quality craftsmanship, a hallmark of all Pressure Controls, Inc. products, is evident in the high-quality materials and components used.


All Absolute Pressure Switches can be submerged without the need of a conduit connection, making implementation simple.


Absolute Pressure Switches are indispensable in critical applications such as nuclear power plants, aerospace and defense, and power distribution/utilities. Inert gas density monitoring of SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) for utility power switching is a proven application where PCI’s Absolute Pressure Switch excels.

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